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Heart Failure Symptoms Warning

Heart failure is a very dreadful condition. It might occur as a result of many heart diseases, which have adverse implications on the heart. It has a plethora of symptoms, depending on whether the right side of the heart is inflicted or the left side of the heart is inflicted, by the heart failure. 

Excessive sweating:

Excessive sweating is the earliest symptom of heart failure, which many of us tend to neglect. Excessive sweating is also called as diaphoresis. As the heart fails to pump in this condition, the nervous supply of the heart is enhanced to stimulate the heart to pump. But, these nerve fibers also supply the sweat glands, which produce excessive sweating. 


As the Heart fails to pump to blood, the nervous supply of the heart is augmented. This increases the rate of heart beat, which is called tachycardia. As the heart beats very fast, you can feel or sense your heartbeat, which is called palpitations. 

Pink frothy sputum:

As the blood flow from the heart is obstructed, the blood flows back into the lungs, and gets accumulated in the lungs. This leads to pulmonary edema. The patient’s sputum is frothy in nature, and is pink colored due to pulmonary edema.


Due to the impaired blood supply from the heart, lungs also don’t get adequate blood perfusion. So, the person suffering from heart failure will subsequently develop dyspnea or breathlessness. The breathlessness is so severe, such that the person can’t breathe properly even while at rest. 


Orthopnea is the inability of a person to breathe, while lying flat on the bed. This is another most common symptom among the heart failure patients. The person experiences extreme difficulty in breathing while sleeping. 

Effort intolerance:

All our body parts require proper supply of blood in order to function properly. Diminished blood supply in the heart failure patients leads to effort intolerance. These people become tired even after doing a very small work. 

Decreased blood pressure:

Blood pressure of a person is normal, when the heart also functions normally. As the heart fails to pump the blood in heart failure, the blood pressure of the people is diminished a lot. 

Decreased urination:

The function of or kidneys is to purify the blood and filter the waste products from the blood in the form of urine. In the heart failure patients, the kidneys don’t get adequate blood perfusion, which leads to attenuated urination. 

Ankle swelling:

The blood in the heart failure patients flows back into various organs and gets accumulated there, due to the increased pressure in the heart. The accumulation of fluid in the ankle produces ankle edema or ankle swelling. 

Swelling of the liver:

The blood also flows back to the liver and gets accumulated in it. This produces enlargement of the liver, which is medically known as hepatomegaly. 

Enlarged neck veins:

The veins of the neck get enlarged and become prominent, due to the accumulation of the blood in them – By Dr.Deepti