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Prevents Heart Diseases Natural Herb Supplements

The best way to avoid heart diseases is to perform healthy activities. That includes eating healthy foods and observing proper diet. Health promotion is the fundamental activity of world health organization that focuses on disseminating health information.

For your information, heart disease (cardiovascular problems) is the top leading cause of death in America. Approximately, there are 58,800,000 Americans(according to leading statistics) are currently suffering from heart problems. The most pressing issue concerning this matter is that the only key to prevent these heart diseases is through lifestyle modification.

This article will discuss about the common natural herbs and supplements that boost your heart condition and prevent the occurrence of any heart problems.



This condiment is usually eaten to lower the cholesterol level. It is ideal for people with hypertension. We highly recommend them to take half clove of garlic in a day. According to the recent medical research, eating half clove of garlic in a day reduces the cholesterol level for about 9%. 

The garlic can also reduce the triglyceride levels or LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein – bad form of cholesterol). 

Another benefit that they can get from garlic is its ability to prevent the blood from becoming sticky. Sticky blood can increase the workload of the heart. Additionally, it can affect the normal blood circulation. 

Furthermore, the only thing that people often avoid chewing garlic is because of its odor. Alternatively, we recommend “kyolic” which is a liquid and odorless substance that has similar component of garlic. 

2.Ginkgo Biloba


This amazing natural herb is used by traditional Chinese healers. It has various benefits that can prevent the occurrence of heart diseases. Moreover, it also improves the cognitive function. It prevents memory loss that can lead to early dementia. 

Ginkgo Biloba contains a natural compound (flavanones) that prevents the blood from becoming thick. Thick blood adheres to the wall of the blood vessel and arteries. This can impede the blood supply to the heart. Additionally, this herb also prevents the formation of blood clots and plaques that can accumulate in the blood vessels. 

The Gingko Biloba also improves the blood flow. 

3.Vitamin E 

This fat-soluble vitamin can be found in food or supplement form. It has significant effect to the body which may prevent the occurrence of coronary heart problems. Heart diseases which are caused by fatty plaques will be prevented. 
The most common sources of Vitamin E are peanuts, green leafy veggies, oils and seeds. We recommend them to ask their nutritionist when choosing the right food. This is to avoid allergic reactions because there are cases wherein these foods might trigger hypersensitivity. 



Capsaicin is a natural compound found in Red Pepper. It helps reduce the prevalence of blood clot formation. It also provides positive benefit by lowering the cholesterol level which may also predispose someone to suffer from heart diseases. 

Take note that when ingesting this substance they need to understand the possible occurrence of heartburn. Therefore, we recommend them to eat meals before taking Capsaicin. 

This is ideal for obese, as well. It helps them lose weight because capsaicin can boost the metabolism rate. 



This substance is extracted from the herbal tree (mukul myrrh tree, commiphora or guggul) which is commonly sold in the health food stores. It has significant benefits for the users. It reduces the cholesterol level for approximately 21% and LDL for about 25%.

Furthermore, taking this natural substance for 8 weeks can also enhance the level of HDL (High Density Lipoprotein – good cholesterol). It also helps prevent the formation of blood clots. 

These natural herbs and supplements serve as the key to prevent heart diseases. However, they need to consult their doctor before taking it especially to those who have drug maintenance. It might create a certain drug interaction which may alter the effect of other drugs – By Edterchelle Soriano