Dr.Kamini Silvarajan MD/AAAM

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Vascular Heart Disease

Vascular Heart Disease – has the potential of being reversed in some cases and can take on different and specific disorders in the body.

PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease) is a form of vascular disease that affects the body’s blood vessels or coronary arteries. The peripheral arteries are those outside of the heart and these arteries can accumulate deposits of fat and cholesterol known as plaque on the inner lining of the arteries.

Over time these build-ups will prevent blood flow to your arms and legs, because the arteries are not able to provide sufficient blood flow due to their narrow passageways.

Vascular Heart Disease – can be prevented in general, with a maintained diet and exercise, although it is thought to be a genetic disorder that is possibly passed on from one generation to another. This is especially true in families that are prone to being overweight and eat an unhealthy diet without any regular exercise. If this sounds familiar it is and a growing epidemic globally.

While a growing concern is being reported for overweight people, it is the direct correlation with many vascular heart disease problems that is preventable if we can make a concerted effort to change the way we feed our bodies.

In some peripheral artery disease patients the arteries become so narrowed and in some cases completely collapse and this leads to more serious conditions. The body cannot sustain itself if it cannot feed itself and that is exactly what the blood traveling through the body actually does. The blood has the nutrients for our muscles and organs and when the flow is reduced or blocked the body begins to shut off the parts where the flow ceases.

While patients with vascular heart disease have options available to them, the choices have their limits and in extreme cases amputation is a last resort. When the arteries collapse modern medicine and doctors explore the possibilities of taking healthy arteries in other parts of the body and re-plumb, for lack of a better term, the bad or collapsed arteries. 

Another choice is to try to use artificial arteries, but with this option the body can reject these arteries and over time a patient may have to succumb to amputation. Every effort and every option is attempted before this choice but it can become a relief from the constant and extreme pain associated with vascular heart disease.

People who suffer from vascular heart disease or peripheral artery disease find out all of your options and by all means eat right and exercise as much as possible. Our body can repair itself to some extent if we control and manage to the warning signs.