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5 Common Heart Diseases

Disease of the heart is the leading cause of mortality in America. However, there are several cases (forms) of heart diseases that lead to fatality. It does not only affect the elder and obese people but it can strike everyone. Neonates die from congenital heart disease, teenager, adult men and women are at risk of developing other heart diseases, as well.

This article will discuss the top 5 heart diseases that are commonly affecting everyone. The purpose of this article is to provide information concerning the disease of the heart. 

Congenital Heart Disease

Most people think that heart diseases are caused by lifestyle and personality type. However, there are external factors which go beyond it. Other people believe that they are exempted from this phenomenon because they are healthy. Of course, it is not true since congenital heart disease happens to be one of the best examples for this scenario. 

The term congenital is synonymous to hereditary. It simply tells everyone that heart disease like this can be passed from one generation to another making this condition as inevitable and unpredictable. Always remember that if somebody from the family suffers from this condition, it is most likely that other members of the family will have bigger chance of getting the same situation.

Although there are several risk factors that are related to the development of congenital heart disease, these factors are prevented. 

Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure refers to the condition wherein the heart fails to pump blood to the body. This is due to other underlying heart disease or anything that obstruct the arteries. This condition alters the function of the heart in order to work inefficiently. Impairment of the heart can also affect other vital organs in the body. 

Symptoms associated with CHF are edema, shortness of breath, swelling (inflammation) and renal (kidney) problems.

People who suffered from CHF are known to have past history of cardiac problems. Others are known to be alcoholic. It is best that they need to visit their doctor in order to accurately diagnose their condition. This can help rehabilitate the impaired organ secondary to congestive heart failure. 

Coronary Artery Disease

The most leading cause of myocardial infarction (heart attack). This is caused by fatty plaques that are accumulated in the coronary artery (artery that supplies blood and oxygen to the heart). Insufficient oxygen supply to the heart can cause chest pain (angina pectoris).

There are numerous risk factors that are related to CAD. High level of cholesterol is the most common form of factor that causes people to suffer from this condition. 

Pulmonary Heart Disease (PHD) 

This form of heart disease is the combination of impaired lungs and heart. It usually occurs when the heart fails to pump blood efficiently. Moreover, the blood supply to the lungs is altered. Other times, it is blocked which may cause shortness of breath.

Before, this condition is considered fatal because it is untreatable. However, there are latest trends for treating PHD that increases the chances of survival rates. 

Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD)

This condition started from the development of sore throat. It is caused by Streptococcal infection. The bacteria travel along with the blood and reach the heart. Streptococcus Aureus is considered as aerobic bacteria.This means that the bacteria grow rapidly to areas where oxygen is more prominent.

The most common treatment used for this condition is the use of NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). The purpose of the drug is to reverse the heart problems brought by RHD -By Edterchelle Soriano