The Basics About Heart Failure

Heart failure is a cardiac condition in which the heart is unable to function sufficiently to meet the body’s needs. Because heart failure can be produced by many kinds of cardiac disease, it is among the most prevalent of cardiac problems. Patients with heart failure often suffer from shortness of breath and fatigue, and have difficulty with physical exertion. Their life expectancy is often significantly reduced.
Under research, a lot of progress is being made in the treatment of heart failure, and with aggressive therapy, both the symptoms and the danger of dying can be significantly reduced. So if you have heart failure, it is very important to educate yourself about this condition and the available treatments. This way, you can help your doctor make sure you are getting the treatment you need.
The health term “heart failure” itself is an imprecise one, since doctors use it to refer to several different kinds of cardiac conditions, each with its own set of causes, prognosis, and treatment. So the initial step in educating yourself is to find out which specific type of heart failure you have. You can get this information from your regular doctor.